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NAVSYS Facility photo
New NAVSYS Building

Company Background

NAVSYS is a growing, respected firm providing high quality technical products and services in GPS hardware design, systems engineering, systems analysis, and software design. NAVSYS has a standing commitment to provide high quality products and services to both governmental and commercial customers. The company provides specialized GPS products and services for customers by leveraging core technologies, unique technical expertise, innovative engineering approaches, a strong work ethic, and high standards of excellence. Founded in 1986 by Dr. Alison Brown, NAVSYS is dedicated to promoting the use of GPS in a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

NAVSYS offers services in three primary areas: Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation Systems, and Communication Systems. The company actively participates with a number of organizations in the design and development of GPS related product lines. The success of NAVSYS can be attributed directly to the highly skilled engineering staff utilized on each project. This highly qualified technical team possesses experience in a variety of areas. Dr. Alison Brown, the company president, has over 25 years of experience with GPS and INS applications. Other senior staff members possess similar qualifications.

GPS Innovations

The NAVSYS area of technological expertise is described as "GPS innovations" – the use of advanced technology and novel system architectures to improve on conventional GPS equipment and methods for specific market applications. The technology that has been developed is broad and is protected by both patents and trade secrets. NAVSYS is leveraging its technology base through a combination of product sales, service operations, and licensing.


NAVSYS facilities consist of nearly 25,000 sq. ft. of office, engineering, and laboratory space located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The facilities meet all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

NAVSYS operates a fully networked corporate computer environment. To support the needs of the users, ranging from internal corporate communications to software development and analysis, NAVSYS has a dedicated and certified IT staff for all information systems activities, including configuration control, software and hardware installation and upgrades, network and communications systems, and normal day-to-day operations. To ensure positive control and availability, NAVSYS also operates and administers its own Internet services including Web (, email, and FTP server capabilities.

To ensure all efforts can be fully supported at all times, NAVSYS has 5,000 square feet of dedicated hardware development laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art RF/microwave and digital test equipment, as well as electronic assembly equipment. These include a vector network analyzer, high-performance spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, frequency synthesizers, function generators, logic analyzers, precision voltmeters, CPCI and PCI bus analyzers, and power supplies. The equipment has the capability to test and evaluate RF and microwave systems. NAVSYS has established and maintains a close business and geographical relationship with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for the use of their anechoic chamber, with a test capability of up to 30 GHz. It is available on an as-needed/rental basis at the University's Electromagnetics Laboratory. NAVSYS also maintains in-house a GPS signal simulation capability and a number of GPS receivers that are also available for use as reference receivers, along with a variety of GPS antennas and antenna arrays.

NAVSYS CAE/CAD tools include Xilinx ISE (for design and programming of FPGAs at sizes in the millions of gates), Synplify, ModelSim PE, and ChipScope for firmware development, VHDL coding language, ORCAD Schematic Capture and Layout, PSpice circuit simulation, and AutoCAD and SolidWorks for mechanical drawing. Electronic assembly capability includes fine pitch surface mount and microstrip circuit fabrication, as well as the traditional through-hole and wire-wrap techniques. In-house board designs include up to 16-layer designs with 4-mil trace widths and spacing, and use of Ball Grid Array (BGA) technology. PCI, CompactPCI, and PC-104 board formats are standard. The NAVSYS Lab is fully ESD-equipped with 3M conductive flooring, 35 static dissipative work stations installed with constant wrist-strap monitoring, ionizers, and humidity control. Circuit assembly and repair are performed at ESD-safe soldering stations, including a Pace PRC surface mount assembly station. Leica and Meiji stereo microscopes and an ultrasonic cleaner are used for the majority of circuit assembly.

NAVSYS is located at 14960 Woodcarver Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921. (Directions to NAVSYS) NAVSYS has a second location in Salida, Colorado. The main telephone number is 719.481.4877.

Corporate Structure

The company is organized into two internal divisions: the R&D Division maintains corporate responsibility and is focused on continued research activities; the Product Division is responsible for promoting product sales based on prior research activities.


Alison Brown Ph.D., President & Chief Executive Officer

James Dalrymple, PhD, PMP, Director of Operations

Karen Barworth, Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Alison Brown, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board
Dr. Brown is the founder of NAVSYS and has been the Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since 1986. Previously, Dr. Brown worked at Litton Industries.

Gaylord Green, Director
Mr. Green is President of NavAstro Co., a private company engaged in space experiments with Stanford University and GPS III activities. Until 2004, he was Program Manager of Gravity Probe Bat Stanford University. Previously he was Program Director of the Global Positioning System from 1985-1988.

James Armor, Director
Maj. Gen. Jim Armor, USAF (Ret), is the Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Space Systems & Services, Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) where they develop and deliver small, responsive satellites and related engineering services. Prior to joining ATK, he was the founder and CEO of The Armor Group, LLC, providing consulting support to strategy, development, and operations of space systems. He served 34 years in a variety of command and staff positions on Air Force and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) space programs, including Director of the GPS Program and Director of Acquisition and Operations for Signals Intelligence. He also served as the Director of the National Security Space Office before retiring in January 2008.

Jim Dalrymple, Ph.D., Director
Following a 20-year Air Force computer scientist career, Dr. Dalrymple was employed by Oracle Corporation and TKC Technology Solutions as a Technical Director and Program Director providing IT consulting services. He previously served as NAVSYS Vice President for Programs and Engineering and Senior Program Manager at ITT Exelis. He is now a Senior Program Manager at NAVSYS.

Karen Barworth, Director
Ms. Barworth has been associated with NAVSYS for 25 years and has served as the secretary of NAVSYS since 1995. She serves as the Chief Financial Officer for NAVSYS.

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Dr. Alison Brown speaks at the Precision Strike Association Technology Symposium October 27-29, 2009 in Laurel, MD.
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Profile: Alison Brown, GPS engineer guides NAVSYS to success
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Reprinted with permission from The Gazette

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NAVSYS Founder, President, and CEO Named Fellow of the Institute of Navigation
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NAVSYS Founder, President, and CEO named to SBA “Wall of Fame”
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"Dr. Alison K. Brown recognized as Businesswoman of the Year"
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"Australia helps beat GPS jamming"
Defence Systems Daily, June 29, 2000

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Reprint of the Innovation column of GPS World, Oct. 1998

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