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Task Order 0001, minimum obligation  (pdf)

Team Members


Services Experience and Points of Contact
1. Relative Global Positioning System/Inertial Navagation System (GPS/INS) Innovations for Unmanned Air System (IUAS)
NAVSYS is working with the Navy Unmanned Combat Air System (N-UCAS) Program Office at NAVAIR (PMA-268) to develop an alternative Precision Global Positioning System (PGPS) navigation architecture to support fully autonomous aerial refueling operations.  
Customer:  NAVAIR 
Ordering Office:  Naval Air warfare Center - Aircraft Division
Contract No:  N68335-10-C-0094
Contracts POC:  Jane Worley
Address:  Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division
                   Highway 547 - Bldg 120-2 Rm 180
                   Lakehurst, NJ 08733-5082
Phone:  732-323-7509

2. Integrated Communication Link and Global Positioning System (GPS) for Enhanced, Robust Position Information
The objective of the GPS Network-Assisted Positioning (GPS-NAP) program was to develop and demonstrate the ability to augment a GPS-derived navigation solution with “Network-Assistance” through a communication link to enhance the precision and robustness of the positioning information.  For this effort, NAVSYS developed a functional prototype GPS-NAP software application that could be easily transitioned into the next-generation Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS).  These integrated designs can provide improved navigation accuracies in a GPS jammed environment and a significant performance improvement over previous Link-16 Relative Navigation (RELNAV) solutions.
Name:  GPS NAP
Customer:  NAVAIR 
Ordering Office:  Naval Air warfare Center - Aircraft Division
Contract No:  N68335-05-C-0063
Contracts POC:  Rita Brownlee
Address:  Highway 547 - Bldg 120-2
                Lakehurst, NJ 08733
Phone:  732-323-2749

3. Mine Counter Measures Precision GPS Ephemeris
In this program, NAVSYS worked with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to improve the positioning and maneuvering accuracy of Mine Counter-Measure (MCM) platforms operating in the littorals in support of amphibious operations by Marine Corps Forces. NAVSYS completed end-to-end static and mobile testing at Dahlgren of the PGE Client operating on the Blue Force Tracking system to provide precision GPS navigation integrated with a DAGR. 

Name:  MCM PGE
Customer:  ONR 
Ordering Office:  Office of Naval Research
Contract No:  N00014-07-C-0022
Contracts POC:  Jennifer Williams
Address:  ONR 252
                875 North Randolph St, Suite 1425
                Arlington, VA 22203-1995
Phone:  703-588-2432

4. Miniature, Low Power GPS/Inertial-Wireless Orientation Sensor.
In this project, NAVSYS prototyped an innovative approach to providing orientation information of weapons used in training. The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) needed a solution to support training operations in both outdoor and indoor environments with precise 3-D positioning and weapon orientation to allow geometric pairing. NAWCTSD needed research solutions to provide a cost effective approach for dealing with this difficult problem.
The project required the design, and prototype of electronic hardware including wireless communications, integration of inertial sensors into an inertial measurement unit (IMU), development of GPS RF front end and digitization hardware, development of small microprocessor based processing system which included SDR GPS processing and GPS/Inertial Kalman Filter algorithms. 
Name: GI-WOS
Customer:  NAVAIR
Ordering Office:  NAVAIR Orlando Training Systems Division
Contract No:  N61339-06-C-0119
Contracts POC:  Christie Martinez
Address:  12350 Research Parkway
                Orlando, FL  32826
Phone:  407-208-3218

5. Low Cost, Lightweight, Low Power Precise Positioning System (PPS) GPS Solution for Software Defined Radios
The Navy desires to incorporate GPS Precise Positioning Service (PPS) in small form factor Software Defined Radios (SDR). A GPS Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module (SAASM) receiver is mandated by DoD to provide PPS, which entails direct P(Y) code acquisition. However, adding GPS SAASM receivers to radios with currently available hardware would increase their size, weight, and power.
  The NAVSYS GPS-Lite API – an embeddable GPS software application – is being developed for SDR radios to allow embedding of a GPS PPS solution, as opposed to a dedicated hardware solution that would increase the size, weight, and power of the radios. Test results of the GPS-Lite performance under nominal and degraded GPS conditions exceeded the standard SAASM performance specification. 
Name: GPS-Lite
Customer:  SPAWAR
Ordering Office:  SSC San Diego
Contract No:  N00039-09-C-0132
Contracts POC:  Jennifer Tsui
Address:  4301 Pacific Highway
               San Diego, CA 92110-3127
Phone:  619-524-5620


 6. GPS Jammer Locator
The NAVSYS Jammer Detection and Location (JLOC) System is a multi-year development and support contract to provide situational awareness of GPS interference events and effects to U.S. warfighters and planners worldwide.  To develop this system, NAVSYS worked with Air Force and National Agencies to collect and stream GPS interference data into a single database that can be used by approved subscribers over a secure network. Since its initial development, NAVSYS has continued to support the JLOC system with software upgrades, documentation and training support and follow-on enhancement efforts. 
Name: JLOC
Customer:  NGA
Ordering Office:  National Geospatial-Intellegence Agency
Contract No:  HMO177-10-C-0003
Contracts POC:  Patricial Hill
Address:  ACH M/S D88
               4600 Sangamore Rd
               Bethesda, MD 20816-5003
Phone:  571-557-2431

The NAMATH system was developed with the Air Force to provide greater GPS precision to critical operations such as target location generation, precision guidance of munitions, and precision georeferencing of sensors.  By increasing the accuracy of the GPS services, the following benefits are realized; (1) sub-meter positioning accuracy for precision target geolocation, (2) increased precision for GPS-guided munitions reducing the number of sorties required and increasing the probability of kill, and (3) increased integrity of the GPS services minimizing the probability for collateral damage.  NAVSYS continues to support and maintain this system under contract to the Air Force’s Air Combat Command.
Customer:  2 SOPS
Ordering Office:  NACC AMIC
Contract No:  FA2550-09-C-8008
Contracts POC:  Jacqueline Edgerton
Address:  11817 Canon Blvd, Ste 404
                Newport News, VA 23606-4516
Phone:  757-225-7718

Quality Assurance Program
The top level outlined of the NAVSYS Quality Plan is presented in the table below. The Quality Plan is constantly evolving, with updated or new policies and instructions as a result of new requirements or new management techniques. The purpose of the Quality Plan is to provide consistent direction on policies and procedures, contain costs, and assist personnel involved with NAVSYS programs to efficiently resolve questions on organization and process flow. These policies, procedures, and instructions have evolved over the 25-year history of the company, rooted in our focus on continuous improvement and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Over the years of serving the US military, NAVSYS has learned firsthand the benefits of certain core management values including:

         Hiring, assigning, and retaining highly qualified personnel

         Providing training to keep skills and knowledge up-to-date

         Keeping senior management involved throughout the life of the project

         Choosing subcontractors who compliment our core capabilities

         Always looking for ways to improve our performance and reduce costs

         Clearly understanding the needs of the Warfighter

Book Title


Book 0: General Policies and Procedures

Establish the structure of the Quality Plan and the related roles and responsibilities of NAVSYS personnel as well as configuration management and document control

Book 1: Administration

Provides policies and procedures for NAVSYS personnel including the Personnel Manual and Code of Conduct

Book 2: Marketing

Provides guidance on business development, marketing, bid decisions, and proposal development

Book 3: Project Management

Sets standards for Project Management and Contract Management including policies, procedures, tools, personnel roles and responsibilities, and subcontracting

Book 4: Engineering

Establishes standard operating procedures for software and hardware design, and methodologies for proper documentation, review, and test

Book 5: Materiel

Establish procedures for vendor relationship, purchasing, shipping/receiving, inventory control, and customer furnished property

Book 6: Manufacturing – Testing

Provide instructions for mechanical and electronic fabrication, assembly, and test; equipment maintenance and calibration; and personnel certification, and training

Book 7: Quality

Establishes the NAVSYS Quality Manual including quality control, audit process, and Corrective Action system as well as personnel roles and responsibilities

Book 8: Accounting – Finance

Provides the policy and procedures for management, control, and review of the financial condition of the company

Book 9: Reserved


Book 10: Security

Provides the Security Plan including management of personnel and facility clearances and handling of classified, FOUO, ITAR, export controlled, and NOFORN materials

The management tools and techniques embodied in the NAVSYS Quality Plan are based on industry best practices, our company’s experience, the knowledge of NAVSYS experts responsible to execute our programs, and most importantly, the lessons we have learned on each specific program we have performed. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement drives us to understand the lessons learned and apply them to our methods.


Point of Contact SeaPort-e Program

Debbie Westra
toll free: 866.4.NAVSYS (866.462.8797)
or 719.481.4289

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