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High Accuracy GPS Time and Space Position Information System

NAVSYS has developed an affordable, extremely accurate, and superior performing Time and Space Position Information (TSPI) System for aircraft and automotive performance envelopes, temperature and vibration environments.

The NAVSYS TSPI System will allow the user to rapidly perform developmental, acceptance, and qualification testing at levels not achievable through other means. The system enables a “rangeless” testing capability to the user. The NAVSYS TSPI provides the user with dynamic position accuracy of 1.0 ft, velocity 0.1 ft/sec, acceleration 50 micro g's, heading 1.0 milliradian, and pitch/roll 0.5 milliradian. The system's miniature flexible designe enables it to fit into a variety of existing small and restrictive enclosures.

The NAVSYS TSPI was developed to first fly in the newest Lockheed Martin F-16 through virtually all flight envelopes. It consists of a high accuracy GPS receiver, coupled with an IMU. There are also automated GPS ground stations (number required varies depending on the area of operation) that provide precise GPS reference data.

This system can provide unprecedented vehicle performance accuracies though all phases of operation. Additionally, TSPI data can be synchronized and combined with other available vehicle performance sensors to enable precise modeling and analysis of the vehicle’s dynamics.

The NAVSYS TSPI consists of both an in-vehicle system and a stationary ground system. The in-vehicle equipment contains the integrated GPS receiver, IMU, processor, power supply, required I/O, and data storage capability. The ground system includes several ground stations (exact number of ground stations is dependant on the area of coverage desired by the user). Each station is self powered autonomous system that contains its own GPS receiver, data storage capability, communications link, and power supply.

The in-vehicle and ground systems work independently of each other, but the recorded data from both systems is used to perform the post-processing analysis required to achieve the desired accuracies.



In-Vehicle System Major Components


Transmeta Crusoe 667 MHz
512 MB RAM
Extended temperature


0.065 ft/sec/rt-hr
(85 mG/rt-Hz)


12-channel L1/L2

 Storage 1 GB capacity
Extended temperature
 Power 50 W, 28 V dc
 Environmental Temperature: -40 to
+185 °F
Altitude: >50,000 ft
 Ground System Major Components


12-channel L1/L2
Data logger


512 MB Capacity


Wireless Modem
Landline Modem

 Power Solar cells & stands
Battery & 115 V ac


< 1 ft vertical,
< 0.5 ft horizontal


< 0.1 ft/sec


0.1 gee


1.5 mrad

 Attitude rate 45 mrad/sec


Downloadable Brochure

High Accuracy Time and Space Position Information (TSPI) System (PDF: 281 KB)

Debbie Westra
toll free: 866.4.NAVSYS (866.462.8797)
or 719.481.4289

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