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Wideband Adaptive Beamforming/Direction Finding (ABF-DF) Processor

The NAVSYS Wideband Adaptive Beamforming / Direction Finding (ABF-DF) Processor is designed to allow Radar and DSP Engineers to quickly prototype and test wideband beamforming and direction finding algorithms without the overhead of developing and maintaining a custom processing solution.  Provided as an open-architecture COTS solution, the Wideband ABF-DF Processor provides PowerPC General Purpose Processor (GPP) and Xilinx Field Programming Gate Array (FPGA) resources to the algorithm designer.  FibreChannel and Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) interfaces allow for the feeding multichannel, wideband datastreams into the processor, either from a live datastream, or a high capacility RAID array.  Dual or quad Xeon processors on the host computer provide the algorithm designer with a high performance control and data post processing resource.

Wideband ABF-DF Processor Flow

  Wideband ABF-DF Processor Flow

The Wideband ABF/DF Processor host computer provides the following capabilities and resources:

  • Standard rack-mount form factor
  • Dual or quad Xeon processors
  • 1-16 GB RAM
  • Network and Storage Interfaces
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • FibreChannel
    • Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS)
    • Standarfd EIDE
  • Windows or Linux operating system

The processing resources available for algorithm development and implementation include:

  • 3 Xilinx SX55 (XC4VSX55) FPGAs
  • 1 Xilinx FX140 (XCV4VFX140) FPGA (includes PowerPC core)
  • 64 bit 133 MHz local bus interface
  • 3 GB RAM accessible by FPGAs
  • 2 mezzanine cards for optional A/D or D/A devices

The hardware resources and interfaces are shown below.

ABF Processor Diagram
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Wideband Radar Adaptive Beamforming Using Frequency-Domain Derivative Based Updating.
Proceedings of SDR Forum 2007, Denver, CO, Nov. 2007 (PDF: 137k)

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